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Jun 30

SFU’s Digital Health Hub

digitalhealthhubThrough SFU’s partnerships with Fraser Health and other health organizations, the SFU’s Digital Health Hub solves real health problems with digital solutions. The group is headed by Maryam Sadeghi, the CEO of MetaOptima Technology Inc. She completed her PhD at SFU in Computing Science and earned numerous awards for her work. She developed an application for helping detect skin cancer.


Jun 30

Innovation Boulevard


Innovation Boulevard is a new network of health related entities that strives to improve health care. Their vision lies primarily in improving four areas of health care:

  1. Improving health care outcomes for patients.
  2. Implementing intelligent solutions for the health care system.
  3. Attracting talented clinicians and researchers.
  4. Growing companies in health care technology and services sectors.

Innovation Boulevard is located in between SFU Surrey and Surrey Memorial Hospital, a perfect union of theory and practice.

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May 14

Pain Studies Lab Attended GRAND 2014 Annual Conference

Dr. Gromala and Dr. Shaw along with the Pain Studies Lab’s graduate students Mehdi Karamnejad, Xin Tong and Chao Feng attended GRAND 2014 in Ottawa. In Phase Two, CHRONIC project Leaders, NIs and HQPs coordinated meetings to discuss current progress within each sub-project and future research approaches and directions. The conference also facilitated networking sessions in order to assist project leaders and graduate students find potential collaborators. Additionally, graduate students Mehdi Karamnejad and  Xin Tong presented posters about their new research and study.  Chao Feng demoed his thesis research in various tracks.GRAND2014_logo_web1021_21 1021_20

Mar 09

Pain lab’s undergraduate students at FCAT conference

FCATconf2013The Pain Lab’s undergraduate research group presented their capstone project at the FCAT Undegrad Research Conference Saturday March 9th alongside other recognized projects in the program. The annual conference gives students the opportunity to share their essays, performances, films, art pieces,  and projects with the rest of the faculty while celebrating the diversity of the programs.

Sensorium was demoed to much success, seeing nearly twenty 15 minute demos over the day along with a research presentation delivered by the group. They are looking forward to starting their user studies at the end of March. Follow their progress at

Mar 08

EYES WIDE OPEN: A Canadian Discussion To Reduce Opioid-Related Harms

Canada now leads the world in per capita consumption of opioids, but is that the gold medal Canadians want?  Join us for a series of informative, thought-provoking webinars where we will explore the current state of opioid use in Canada, better understand key issues and challenges, and discuss ways we can work together to reduce opioid-related harm. Webinars begin March 18th.

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Feb 06

CTV highlights chronic pain issues

ctvCTV has started a three part series on issues of chronic pain that Canadians are facing in order to improve public awareness and  encourage multidisciplinary management of pain.  This is the link to the first video in the series.

Feb 05

Towards Science of Consciousness 2013 Conference (TSC)

tsc“The 20th annual international conference “Toward a Science of Consciousness” will take place March 3-9, 2013 at the Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI) in Agra, India, home of the famed Taj Mahal. DEI is a high-level educational system, part of a spiritual community and farm housing 4000 people on an idyllic 1300 acres on the Yamuna River within the city of Agra. DEI research includes neuroscience, cognitive science, medicine, philosophy, nanoscience, quantum physics and consciousness. DEI’s Dr. Vishal Sahni, author of many papers and several books on quantum computing, is the primary conference organizer.

Toward a Science of Consciousness is an international interdisciplinary conference entailing rigorous approaches to the understanding of conscious awareness, and our place in the universe. Since 1994, TSC conferences have been held in even-numbered years in Tucson, Arizona, sponsored and organized by the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona. In odd-numbered years TSC conferences have been held at various locations around the world (1995 Naples, Italy; 1997 Elsinore, Denmark; 1999 Tokyo, Japan; 2001, Skovde, Sweden; 2003 Prague, Czech Republic; 2005 Copenhagen, Denmark; 2007 Budapest, Hungary; 2009 Hong Kong, China; 2011 Stockholm, Sweden.” for more information please visit this link

Feb 02

Virtual Reality for controlling pain

The following video demonstrates how Virtual Reality (VR) — in conjunction with mindfulness meditation and biofeedback technologies — can help chronic pain patients to develop skills for managing their pain.

Oct 17

500 million working days a year lost to pain sufferers – General News – Austrian Independent Online News – English Newspaper

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Report on Austrian Independent english news online newspaper: One in five Europeans suffers from chronic pain, and one in eleven on a daily basis according to a report released in Vienna to highlight a campaign for more help for sufferers.
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Oct 17

The Daily Checkup: Neuromodulation is offering long-term relief against chronic pain and suffering 

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Millions of Americans live with neurological disorders that arise from abnormal firing of the circuits of the nervous system, which can lead to a wide range of debilitating symptoms.
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