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Dec 10

GRAND network featured Pain Studies Lab


GRAND NCE, a multidisciplinary research network in computer graphics and new media, featured a Virtual Reality project by Pain Studies Lab undergraduates on GRAND website. The post elaborates on how the researchers develop emerging technologies for management of chronic pain. To read more, please visit the blog post.

Oct 25

Health and Digital Media Workshop

The interdisciplinary “Health and Digital Media Research Workshop” took place on Friday October 25, 2013 at Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Centre. This workshop aimed to connect current GRAND NCE researchers with CIHR and CHRP researchers to explore possible healthcare research projects that respond to significant real-world healthcare issues. Many GRAND researchers are collaborating with researchers in health and medical sciences, and are interested in continuing and initiating new health and medical science related projects. Keynote Speakers were Dr. Kendall Ho (UBC, Vancouver General Hospital Emergency Medicine), and Dr. Yaakov Stern (Columbia University, NY, NY). 24-36 research faculty and graduate students joined the discussions, as well as 12-18 health and medical scholars.
More information on the Workshop can be here:


Sep 22

Pain Studies Lab at PAINWeek 2013

Prof. Gromala, Jeremy Mamisao, Julian Giordano, and Mehdi Karamnejad presented two posters showcasing the latest projects of the Pain Studies Lab at the PAINWeeK conference. The conference is one of the most distinguished pain education resources for practitioners and it is a chance for pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and researchers to present the trends in pain treatment/management.

Diane Gromala Painweek 2013






Jul 26

Mehdi Karamnejad Presented at SIGGRAPH/Expressive 2013

Mehdi Karamnejad presented two posters at co-located venues SIGGRAPH/Expressive 2013. The posters represented the latest research being conducted at the Pain Studies Lab on Human-Computer Interaction, Biofeedback, Game Design, and Social Sciences. SIGGRAPH is one the most prestigious venues for showcasing breakthroughs in practices and production in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.


Jun 17

Maryam Mobini was awarded Marc Brisbourne Scholarship

973707_562722259215_469195617_nThe GDC Foundation has awarded its first Marc Brisbourne Scholarship for Design Research to GDC student member, Maryam Mobini.

More information can be found here

Jun 11

Sensorium project presented a demo at Surrey Arts Center

Pain Studies Lab members presented a demo of the Sensorium Virtual Reality project in The Creative Economy Event at Surrey Arts Center. The event was meant to “announce a new partnership on recognizing the economic and social value of fostering a thriving industry in city of Surrey”.


May 13

Pain Studies Lab attended GRAND annual conference

Dr. Gromala and Dr. Shaw along with the Pain Studies Lab’s graduate students Mark Nazemi, Mehdi Karamnejad, Maryam Mobini, Amber Choo, Ozgun Eylul, Jeremy Mamisao, and Bryn Ludlow attended GRAND 2013 / Canada 3.0 joint conference in Toronto. Well-knowns such as Chris Anderson, Jane McGonigal, and Jian Ghomeshi were among the keynote speakers for the event.

Mehdi Karamnejad, Mark Nazemi, and Maryam Mobini at GRAND 2013

The project leaders of GRAND NCE coordinated meetings to discuss and assess current progress within each project and discuss future research paths. The conference also facilitated networking sessions in order to assist project leaders and graduate students find potential collaborators.


gromala_grand_20132 shaw_grand_2

Additionally, graduate students presented their papers and posters in various tracks and showcased their new revolutionary approaches  for  different projects addressing problems in computer science, graphics, sound design, visual analytics, and social sciences.


May 01

Pain Lab Team Visits Firsthand

Dr. Diane Gromala, Dr. Chris Shaw, Mehdi Karamnejad, Amber Choo, Jeremy Mamisao and Julian Giordano braved the Vancouver-to-Seattle rain trail to visit their collaborators, Firsthand. Crossing the border was more challenging than usual.
mehdichris Seattle_trip_car



Pain Lab members met, strategized and conspired with Firsthand’s principal, Ari Hollander. On the agenda: discussions on Mobius Floe, an immersive virtual reality environment designed to distract people from their pain. After much brainstorming, the group was energized by Lumen Hollander, the youngest member of the team. True to his name, Lumen glowed with more footcandles than the adults.


On the subsequent day, the team checked out Firsthand’s new stereoscopic display. NIH-funded user testing is scheduled for May.

Chris_ari_DG-Amber DG_Mehdi_firsthanddisplay2

Although our optical measurements were precise, figuring out how to pack our newly acquired stereoscopic projection system was a bit more challenging. But we will do whatever we have to do.
Julian_measuring_Mehdi Mehdi_Julian_outside

Stay tuned for the next trip: GRAND NCE’s annual conference in Toronto.

Apr 28

Nazemi & Mobini at CHI 2013

markmaryamMark Nazemi and Maryam Mobini were invited to participate at this year’s CHI 2013 workshop on Designing for and with Vulnerable People. In total the committee received 53 submissions to the workshop. All of the papers were reviewed by at least two members of the workshop and program committees, following which they accepted 22 papers for discussion at the workshop. The paper that was accepted was titled Soundscape: A Prescription for Managing Anxiety in a Clinical Setting. The goal of the workshop was to organize a series of plenary and group discussions/activities, which was to enable dialogue between attendees with different experiences, expertises and perspectives related to the workshop theme. For a detailed look at the outcome and the discussion, please visit the workshop website:

Apr 15

GRAND annual conference in Toronto




The fourth annual digital media conference of GRAND will be held in Toronto from May 14-16.  The conference aims to demo multidisciplinary research being conducted across Canada in  digital media. The Pain Studies Lab will present four posters which showcase the research being conducted by the lab members. The title of the posters are as follows:


  • Soundscapes: A prescription for managing anxiety in a clinical setting
  • Immersive virtual reality and Affective computing for gaming, fear and anxiety
  • The Science, Poetics and Theories of Touch
  • Aesthetics: GRAND Definitions


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