May 13

Pain Studies Lab attended GRAND annual conference

Dr. Gromala and Dr. Shaw along with the Pain Studies Lab’s graduate students Mark Nazemi, Mehdi Karamnejad, Maryam Mobini, Amber Choo, Ozgun Eylul, Jeremy Mamisao, and Bryn Ludlow attended GRAND 2013 / Canada 3.0 joint conference in Toronto. Well-knowns such as Chris Anderson, Jane McGonigal, and Jian Ghomeshi were among the keynote speakers for the event.

Mehdi Karamnejad, Mark Nazemi, and Maryam Mobini at GRAND 2013

The project leaders of GRAND NCE coordinated meetings to discuss and assess current progress within each project and discuss future research paths. The conference also facilitated networking sessions in order to assist project leaders and graduate students find potential collaborators.


gromala_grand_20132 shaw_grand_2

Additionally, graduate students presented their papers and posters in various tracks and showcased their new revolutionary approaches  for  different projects addressing problems in computer science, graphics, sound design, visual analytics, and social sciences.


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