May 16

Vidyarthi presents Sonic Cradle at TEDActive

Sonic Cradle at TEDActiveJay Vidyarthi presented his Sonic Cradle meditative biofeedback system at TEDActive 2012, held in Palm Springs February 27-March 2.

The annual conference aims to “bring together innovative doers and thinkers to soak up remarkable ideas – and in a voice uniquely theirs, reflect them out to the world”, according to the TEDActive website.

In the Sonic Cradle, the participant is placed inside a sensory-deprivation chamber and given the ability to write a song by breathing—the experience is difficult for participants to describe, and since it’s in their heads, the video only documents the surroundings. “The goal,” said Vidyarthi, “is to [alleviate] stress and anxiety by helping people learn how to mediate and giving them a meditative experience well beyond their actual ability.”

For more information about the Sonic Cradle, click here.

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